Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Morning

I'd hoped to alternate between writing blogs and posting pictures on Facebook. So far, the Facebook posts and pictures have been lots easier and frequent, and hence I've neglected the writing. Part is this electronic medium, which tends to throw off/delete what I've written without warning (The gods of computing are not always with me.) even though there's an "automatic save" at the bottom of the page. So be it.

Second excuse for not writing is that what seem at the time to be the most profound and coherent thoughts come to me when I'm in bed, trying to sleep, or having woken up in the wee hours (the hour of the wolf). No way am I going to get up and sit at the computer when I could be churning thoughts under a cozy down comforter. So my blog readers must be content with the more mundane and consciously formed thoughts of mid-morning, after coffee typing.

Today it's raining again, and there's hasn't been heat in my apartment since day before yesterday. The agency I rented from must contact the owner who must then contact the building supervisor since heat (from hot water radiators) is regulated for the whole building. I get the feeling that in Italy some things tke more time than they should, while other things get done before you know it.

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larwest1 said...

Sounds like you need to build a campfire outside and roast some marshmallows! That would get their attention! Who knows... you might just start a new and fun, eating around the campfire trend, in Italy! Does anyone sell wood nearby?