Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday museums and rain

Love walking around this city. Everything is different, so everything is compelling to look at. Doorways, grafitti, walls, pavement, bridges ... and on top of that there's the sculpture.

Just back in time as it's pouring out now. It's Sunday and museums are closed tomorrow so I took the opportunity to go to the two closest to my apartment ... Museo di Galileo and Museo Bargello. The first full of scientific treatsures from the first navigation instruments, to Galileo's telescope to machines first used to demonstrate electriticity. Beautiful workmanship and I kept thinking that Dad would have loved to see this stuff. Maybe his old slide rule will someday make its way into a museum?

The Bargello is Florence's sculpture museum and I only saw about 1/2 of it. Donatello seems to be my favorite sculptor after Michelangelo. Just wanted to get that on the record.

Lunch at the Sun Cafe, which is near my piazza. Decided that I need to eat one meal out at some kind of restaurant, even if it's just a snack. Gives me the chance to taste the cuisine, and to get some kind of balance. Cooking here is good ... I'm eating well ... but even a bruscetta with loads of tomatoes and tuna tastes good if someone else makes it for me. Expensive, though. The cappucino was almost $5.00!

Walking back to the apartment, I decided to check out the ornate building I saw from across the river yesterday. It's the Florence Municipal Library and I will come back when it's open and hopefully be able to get in. Rain started coming down in earnest as I turned around. I'm getting good at finding the best way back home and , though my sandals are soaked, the apt is nice and cozy warm as I listen to the rain and watchthe leaves on my plane tree quiver and fall.

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larwest1 said...

When you are out and about looking for a food adventure, I hear that the tripe sandwiches are a must. They have some with a green sauce and, or, a red hot sauce that's really enjoyed by the locals! And... I don't think you can get them around here... maybe at the north end in Boston! Red wine goes well with them, too. Enjoy your day!