Tuesday, November 9, 2010


10 a.m. Second try on this blog. Something I hit on this tiny computer seems to knock everything out ... and the 'automatic' save isn't worth a damn. But I don't give up easily so will try again.

The rain was heavy yesterday morning (like today) but let up around noon so I got out and headed for the Mercado Centrale, near the train station. The walk took me through the higher end antiques area and upper end hotels. The centrale is so small that everything is within walking distance, so neighborhoods are not all that distinct.

Looks like it will be easy to take either a bus or a train to Siena ... one or the other leaves every 30 minutes or so and the 2 stations are next to each other. I've been advised that bus is easier. If it's sunny on Friday I'll spend the day there (or two).

The Central Market is mostly tourist stuff. Leather belts and jackets, silk (?) scarves and trinkets. So far I've resisted ANY buying of items I'll have to carry home, but a wooden Pinocchio for Noah and a gift for the soon to be born babe are in order. Not yet.

Inside the market was a lot more interesting, although the door I entered put me face to face with dead animal parts that I wouldn't want to touch, let alone eat. Ghoulish shade of white intestines, stomach, ears and whatever reminded me that I didn't intend to eat Florence's trademark dish, tripe stew. The shops with olive oil and vinegar beckoned and I found an airport size (according to the clerk) bottle of 47 year old balsamic vinegar for only 45 euros. No thank you. The cheeses, truffles, breads and multi colored and multi shaped pastas were a lot more attractive.

Still, I left without buying and headed to the gelato store for a pick me up before class. Rome is still the winner, hands down, for gelato with the chocolate chip delight, but chioccarancia (chocolate with bits of orange ) and cafe mixture was pretty close!

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Phil Freyder said...

Florentine tripe stew. Hah! That I would definitely try, if only to compare it with one of my favorite Spanish dishes, callos a la madrileƱa (tripe stew Madrid style). Great taste (if well condimented) and wonderful unctuous texture. Nummers!