Thursday, November 15, 2012

March 27-April 7, 2012 Second Trip to the Pacific Northwest

March 27-April 7, 2012

Trip to the Pacific Northwest.  The NCECA (National Council of Educators of Ceramic Arts) was held in Seattle, WA this year, and while I'm not an educator of ceramic arts AT ALL, I thought being there around wonderful work might arouse my creativity and/or confidence for making ceramic art. So I booked a flight and a downtown hotel for 3 days in Seattle.  This would give me 11 days in the Pacific Northwest, so started dreaming and collecting ideas of where to go.

A trip to Eastern Oregon seemed mandatory, as the Columbia River Gorge still beckons me. A short time with nephew Brian, and a little bit of Washington would be great. Then I thought of my old Girl Scout chum, Flaury, who lives in Vancouver. What a treat to spend time with her and perhaps visit her home on Galiano Island. Bare outline made, central mission (the conference) settled, car rented.

Once I landed and picked up the car in Portland, I headed north. There's nothing so wonderful than to be in a new, reliable car, on a road I've never traveled, with 3 days before I have to be anywhere at all. The newness of everything I see and smell, the freedom of no plan, a credit card with a zero balance, and unbounded curiosity--the joy of "beginner's mind."  No preconceptions, no expectations, no desires, no aversions.

However, I've learned that when driving I need to know where I'm going, each day, otherwise I drive dangerously; so I brought a new GPS with me and set it for a town about 2 hours from the airport. I also secured my needs by finding out there was a Super 8 Motel nearby.  If I content myself with a decision about where I'm going to sleep that night, and make sure I eat at least 2 meals a day, I'm free to enjoy movement through time and space much more.